Apply by Mail

If you wish to apply for Membership by mail, please download an application form (below). Applications will also be accepted by e-mail, in which case all documents must be in Word or WordPerfect format.

Each applicant should provide a curriculum vitae and 3 reprints of recent work in area of psychopharmacology. (Please note that this is NOT required for applicants for Junior Membership.) Additionally, the applicant should provide a signature from a sponsor. The sponsor must be a current member of the Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology.

Please send 9 copies of the application, 9 copies of the curriculum vitae, and 9 copies of each published work. (Note: published work NOT required for applicants for Junior Membership.)

Applicants should send their applications and address their inquiries regarding membership to:

Trudy Pike
Administrative Assistant - CCNP

Please do not send any money with the application form. Successful applicants will be billed once the membership has been confirmed.

Application Form

To Download the application form, click on one of the options below and then choose File --> Save As... from the menu on your browser.