Past Winners

Past Heinz Lehmann Award Winners
1982 T. L. Sourkes  
1983 G. M. Brown  
1984 B. Belleau  
1985 P. Seeman  
1986 S. Lal  
1987 C. Fibiger  
1988 C. de Montigny  
1989 A. A. Boulton  
1990 S. N. Young Manuscript
1991 R. Quirion Manuscript
1992 P. Grof  
1993 K. K. Midha Manuscript
1994 R. O. Pihl Manuscript
1995 A. C. Cuello Manuscript
1996 R. Joffe Manuscript
1997 N. Barden Manuscript
1998 B. Sherwin Manuscript
1999 J. Stewart Manuscript
2000 M. Steiner  
2001 F. Vaccarino Manuscript
2002 H. Steiger Manuscript
2003 T. DiPaolo Manuscript
2004 G. Chouinard Manuscript 1
Manuscript 2
2005 M. Meaney Manuscript
2006 L.T. Young  
2007 H. Anisman Manuscript
2008 W. Honer Manuscript
2009 A. Phillips Manuscript
2010 P. Blier  
2011 D. Weaver
R. Tyndale
2012 G. Turecki  
2013 S. George
B. Rusak
2014 G. MacQueen  
2015 Dr. Derek van der Kooy  
2016 L. Yatham  
2017 P. Albert  
2018 A. Evans  
Past Young Investigator Award Winners
1987 A. J. Greenshaw  
1988 B. Suranyi-Cadotte  
1989 F. J. Vaccarino  
1990 P. Blier
P.B.S. Clarke
1991 J. Bradwejn  
1992 M. Martin-Iverson  
1993 R. Joffe  
1994 A. Gratton
J. Poirier
1995 G. Koren Manuscript
1996 G. Robertson Manuscript
1997 W. Honer Manuscript
1998 J. Nalbantoglu  
1999 S. Kapur Manuscript
2000 No award given  
2001 R. Joober Manuscript
2002 S. Kar
/C-D. Walker
2003 G. Turecki Manuscript
2004 L-E. Trudeau Manuscript
2005 J. Meyer Manuscript
2006 S. Floresco Manuscript
2007 M. Lepage Manuscript
2008 T. Woodward Manuscript
2009 J. Pruessner Manuscript
2010 J. M. Beaulieu
/C. Flores
2011 J. Daskalakis Manuscript
2012 G. Gobbi Manuscript
2013 L. Booij  
2014 A. Barr  
2015 Dr. Sherif Karama  
2016 M. Chakravarty  
2017 L. Palaniyappan  
2018 I. Boileau, S. Borgland  
Past Innovations in Neuropsychopharmacology Award Winners
1996 C. Fibiger
A. Phillips
1997 J. Bradwejn  
1998 S. Gauthier
J. Poirier
R. Quirion
1999 G. Baker
R. Coutts
A. Greenshaw
2000 M. Diksic Manuscript
2001 H. Robertson  
2002 S. Lal  
2003 No award given  
2004 P. Seeman
S. Kapur
2005 No award given  
2006 R. Tyndale Manuscript
2007 N. Barden  
2008 G. MacQueen Manuscript
2009 S. Josselyn Manuscript
2010 S. Weiss  
2011 M. Szyf  
2012 G. Remington Manuscript
2013 X. Zhang  
2014 A. Lozano  
2015 Dr. Marco Leyton  
2016 D. Mueller
G. Robertson
2017 Y. Wang  
2018 No award given  
Past CCNP Medal Award Winners
1988 Y.-D. Lapierre
1990T. L. Sourkes
1991N. P. V. Nair
1992R.T. Coutts
J.M. Cleghorn
1993W. G. Dewhurst
1994P. D. Hrdina
1995D. J. McClure
1996A. Villeneuve
1997G. Baker
1998No award given
1999No award given
2000A.G. Awad
2001No award given
2002T. Reader
2003S.N. Young
2004D. Addington
2005No award given
2006S. Kennedy
2007R. Quirion
2008S. Kutcher
2009L. Yatham
2011M. Steiner
2012A. Phillips
2013L.T. Young
2014No award given
2015Dr. Ashok Malla
2016No award given
2017Z. Merali
2018P. Boksa
Past CCNP Jock Cleghorn Prize Winners
2010Bailey Dyck "Selective synapsin II knock-down in the medial prefrontal cortex of the rat disrupts glutamatergic and GABAergic transmission"
2011Guilherme Behr "Modulation of locomotor activity and cerebellar and frontal cortical redox profile in female Wistar rats treated with anorexigenic amphetamine-like drug fenproporex"
2012Melissa Perreault "Dopamine D1-D2 receptor heteromer in dual phenotype GABA/glutamate-coexpressing striatal medium spiny neurons differentially regulates mesolimbic and striatonigral neurotransmission
Colin Stopper "Stimulation of the lateral habenula during rewarded outcomes shifts decision-making biases involving uncertain rewards"
2013Yekta Dowlati (clinical) "Development of dietary supplement method to prevent postpartum depression"
Kelly Rilett (basic) "Functional loss of T cells results in sex differences in anxiety phenotype and neuroanatomy"
2014Weam Fageera (clinical) "Association of catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene with the reverse placebo effect in children with ADHD"
Mehnaz Ferdousi (basic) "Evaluating a fluorinated analogue of Marsanidine as a potential PET ligand for central alpha-2 adrenoceptors"
2015Angélica Torres-Berrio (Basic Science) "DDC confers susceptibility to depression-like behaviours in humans and mice and is regulated by MIR-218"
Elaine Setiawan (Clinical) "Increased neuroinflammation in major depressive disorder and relation to symptom severity"