CCNP 27th Annual Meeting

All scientific sessions/activities will be held in the Queen's University Biosciences Complex, 116 Barrie Street, Kingston.

Saturday, May 29 - Educational Day

07:30-17:00Registration (Biosciences Atrium)
12:00-16:00CCNP Council Meeting (Ban Righ Hall)
07:30-08:15Breakfast (Biosciences Atrium)
08:15-08:30Opening Remarks (Biosciences 1101)
Nicholas Delva, Co-chair, Local Organizing Committee
08:30-09:30Lecture 1 (Includes an interactive question and answer period; Biosciences 1101)
Glen Baker (Univ. Alberta): Drug interactions in psychiatry
09:30-10:30First Workshop Sessions (see topics below)
10:30-11:00Coffee break (Biosciences Atrium)
11:00-12:00Lecture 2 (Includes an interactive question and answer period; Biosciences 1101)
Sidney Kennedy (Univ. Toronto): Treatment of depression
12:00-13:30Lunch (Ban Righ Hall)
13:30-14:30Second Workshop Sessions (see topics below)
14:30-15:30Lecture 3 (Includes an interactive question and answer period; Biosciences 1101)
Stanley Kutcher (Dalhousie Univ.): Adolescent psychiatry
15:30-15:45Coffee break (Biosciences Atrium)
15:45-16:45Third Workshop Sessions (see topics below)
16:45-17:45Public Lecture (Biosciences 1101)
Kola Oyewumi (Queen's Univ.): Recent advances in the medication management of first episode schizophrenia
Workshop Topics

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of insomnia - Judith Davidson

  2. Management of social anxiety disorder - Francis Jarrett

  3. Management of panic disorder - Francis Jarrett

  4. Alternate therapies - Glen Baker

  5. Management of depression - Sidney Kennedy

  6. Dealing with bipolar depression - Roumen Milev

  7. Issues in adolescent psychiatry - Stanley Kutcher/Nasreen Roberts

  8. Treating psychosis across the lifespan - Kola Oyewumi/Joseph Burley

  9. Treatment of the dually diagnosed - Deborah Elliott

  10. Issues in geriatric psychiatry - TBA

The Educational Day is under consideration for CFPC MAINPRO-M1 credits from the College of Family Physicians of Canada and for credit as an Accredited Group Learning Activity under Section 1 of the Framework of CPD options for the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

18:00-20:00CCNP Welcoming Reception(Agnes Etherington Art Centre)
Welcoming remarks:
James Brien, Associate Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, and
Julio Arboleda-Florez, Head, Dept. Psychiatry, Queen's Univ.

Sunday, May 30

08:00-17:00Registration (Biosciences Atrium)
08:00-08:45Breakfast (Biosciences Atrium)
08:45-09:00Opening Remarks (Biosciences 1101)
Sidney Kennedy, CCNP President
Richard Beninger, Co-Chair, Local Organizing Committee
09:00-10:00Plenary Lecture (Biosciences 1101)
Anthony G. Phillips (Univ. British Columbia): Dopamine: A neurochemical link between motivation and memory
10:00-10:30Coffee Break (Biosciences Atrium)
10:30-12:30Symposium 1: The role of the brain reward system in mental illness (Biosciences 1101)
Chair: Claudio Naranjo (Univ. Toronto)
 10:30-10:50Franco Vacarrino (Univ. Toronto): Neurobiological basis of brain reward
 10:50-11:10Donald Jasinski (John's Hopkins Univ.): New methodologies for assessing brain reward system function in humans
 11:10-11:30Usoa Busto (Ctr. Addiction Mental Health): The role of the brain reward system in addictive disorders
 11:30-11:50Claudio Naranjo (Univ. Toronto): The role of the brain reward system in depression
 11:50-12:30Roundtable discussion
10:30-12:30Symposium 2: Female-specific psychopharmacology (Biosciences 1102)
Chair: Meir Steiner (McMaster Univ.)
 10:30-11:00Meir Steiner (McMaster Univ.): PMS/PMDD - diagnosis and treatment: any shortcuts?
 11:00-11:30Gideon Koren (Univ. Toronto): The safety of psychotropic medications during pregnancy and postpartum - The Motherisk perspective
 11:30-12:00Lori Ross (Ctr. Addiction Mental Health): Management of substance use during pregnancy
 12:00-12:30Claudio Soares (Harvard Univ.): To HRT or not to HRT - the menopausal dilemma
12:30-13:45Lunch (Ban Righ Hall)
13:45-15:45Symposium 3: Understanding relapse to drug-seeking behaviour (Biosciences 1101)
Chair: Francesco Leri (Univ Guelph)
 13:45-14:15Jane Stewart (Concordia Univ): The role of noradrenaline in stress-induced relapse to drug seeking
 14:15-14:45Rajita Sinha (Yale Univ.): Stress neurobiology: correlates of drug craving and relapse
 14:45-15:15Anthony Phillips (Univ British Columbia): Hippocampal modulation of dopamine efflux in the ventral striatum: A tool for studying the neural substrates of relapse
 15:15-15:45Francesco Leri (Univ Guelph): From lapse to relapse: animal studies
13:45-15:45Symposium 4: Neurodevelopmental aspects of neurological/psychiatric illness (Biosciences 1102)
Chair: Khem Jhamandas (Queen's Univ)
 13:45-14:15Jeanette Holden (Queen's Univ.): Autism spectrum disorders: novel approaches for identifying culprit genes
 14:15-14:45James Brien, James Reynolds, Hans Dringenberg (Queen's Univ): Fetal alcohol syndrome: brain injury mechanisms and innovative therapeutic approaches
 14:45-15:15Graeme Smith (Queen's Univ.): Chorioamnionitis and fetal brain injury
 15:15-15:45Khem Jhamandas, Richard Beninger, Roland Boegman (Queen's Univ.): Neurotransmitter and behavioural deficits following neonatal blockade or overactivation of NMDA receptors
15:45-16:30Honorary Fellow Lecture (Biosciences 1101)
Theodore Sourkes (McGill Univ.): Social and medical origins of neurochemistry
16:30-17:00Coffee Break (Biosciences Atrium)
17:00-18:00Heinz Lehmann Award Lecture (Biosciences 1101) Recipient TBA
18:00-19:00Special Presentation (Biosciences 1101) Stanley Kutcher (Dalhousie Univ.): New directions in CNS research in Canada

Monday, May 31

08:00-17:00Registration (Biosciences Atrium)
08:00-08:45Breakfast (Biosciences Atrium)
08:45-10:45Symposium 5: Stress, aversion, reward, and mesolimbic DA: New twists on old ideas (Biosciences 1101)
Chair: Sandra Boye (Fernand-Seguin Research Ctr.)
 08:45-09:15Laurie Sellings (McGill Univ): Functional compartmentalization of nucleus accumbens in psychostimulant reward and arousal
 09:15-09:45Derek van der Kooy (Univ Toronto): Dopamine inhibits the rewarding effects of nicotine
 09:45-10:15Marco Leyton (McGill Univ): The role of dopamine in drug self-administration in humans: are there group differences?
 10:15-10:45Alain Dagher (Montreal Neurological Inst): Dopamine release in response to drug and artificial rewards in humans: similarities and differences
08:45-10:45Symposium 6: Somatic treatments for depression (Biosciences 1102)
Chair: Roumen Milev (Queen's Univ)
 08:45-09:15Gaby Abraham (Queen's Univ): Transcranial magnetic stimulation
 09:15-09:45Nicholas Delva, J Stuart Lawson (Queen's Univ): Electroconvulsive therapy: interaction between electrical dose, electrode placement and benzodiazepines
 09:45-10:15Michela David (Queen's Univ): Sleep deprivation and light therapy
 10:15-10:45Roumen Milev (Queen's Univ): Vagal nerve stimulation and other novel approaches
10:45-11:15Coffee Break (Biosciences Atrium)
11:15-12:15Plenary Lecture (Biosciences 1101)
Herbert Meltzer (Vanderbilt Univ): Mechanism of action of atypical antipsychotic drugs
12:15-13:45CCNP Business Meeting (Ban Righ Hall)
12:15-13:45Lunch (Ban Righ Hall)
13:45-15:15Special Symposium: CCNP: The Next Generation (Biosciences 1101)
Chair: TBA
Speakers to be selected from the abstracts submitted by trainees. (6 speakers @ 15 min)
15:15-16:15Innovation in Neuropsychopharmacology Award Lecture (Biosciences 1101)
Recipient TBA
16:15-16:30Coffee Break (Biosciences Atrium)
16:30-18:30Poster Session (Biosciences Atrium): see the end of the program for listing of poster presenters
19:00-Banquet (Ban Righ Hall): Welcome: Kingston's mayor the Honourable Harvey Rosen

Tuesday, June 1

08:00-11:00Registration (Foyer Cartier)
08:00-08:30Breakfast (Foyer Cartier)
08:30-09:30Young Investigator Award Lecture (Biosciences 1101) Recipient TBA
09:30-10:30Plenary Lecture (Biosciences 1101)
David Nutt (Univ Bristol): Why worry? The brain mechanisms of anxiety
10:30-11:00Coffee Break (Biosciences Atrium)
11:00-13:00Symposium 7: Serotonin Function (Biosciences 1101)
Chair: Andrew Greenshaw (Univ. Alberta)
 11:00-11:30Paul Albert (Univ. Ottawa): 5-HT receptors: new advances
 11:30-12:00Paul Fletcher (Univ. Toronto): 5HT in the regulation of motivation and reward
 12:00-12:30Pierre Blier (Univ. Ottawa): 5HT/norepinephrine interactions and antidepressant drug action
 12:30-13:00TBA: 5HT receptors and antipsychotic drug action
11:00-13:00Symposium 8: Cholinergic mechanisms in brain function (Biosciences 1102)
Chair: Mary Olmstead (Queen's Univ)
 11:30-12:00John Yeomans (Univ Toronto): Cholinergic genes involved in reward, arousal and psychiatry
 12:00-12:30Carlyle Smith (Trent Univ.): Sleep states, memory and acetylcholine
 12:30-13:00Mary Olmstead (Queen's Univ): TBA
13:00-13:15Concluding Remarks (Biosciences 1101) TBA

The regular meeting is under consideration for credit as Accredited Group Learning Activity under Section 1 of the Framework of CPD options for the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada